Is Moleskine Overrated?

As an artist who uses social media, it was hard to overlook the popularity of the Moleskine sketchbooks. Some of the most popular artists on Instagram like Picolo and Qinni frequently post images from their Moleskine.

So is a Moleskine worth buying?

Here’s what I think after using it…

Light Fingered


The paper texture is surprisingly smooth. And it’s thick enough to forgive quite laborious pen work without as much transfer to the back of the page (which allows me to work back to back).


The lack of a spiral bound centre is what drew me to the sketchbook in the first place. It gives the artist the choice of using a double spread for a drawing. And well, I’m partial to the creamy off-white tone of the papers.

Travel friendliness

The hard cover and elastic band protects the pages from accidental folding or creasing when you’ve thrown it into your bag. These features make them ideal for those who take their sketchbooks everywhere. But at 165g/m squared the book does weigh a bit more than a typical sketchbook of the same size.


It’s on the pricey side. If you’re planning to use it for rough sketches and you’re an avid sketcher, it might leave a sizable dent in your wallet. But if you’re planning to do polished sketches, it’s a great way to collect your pieces and present your work professionally. Because yes, it’s a beautiful book and adds a level of quality to your finished pieces.

Final Thoughts:

for my purposes, i would purchase another moleskine in the future. THE SMOOTH PAPER ALLOWS ME TO PRODUCE SEAMLESS SKETCHES IN MY 0.2MM BALLPOINT PEN. It’S TRAVEL FRIENDLY DESIGN MEANS I DON’T THINK TWICE ABOUT TAKING IT WITH ME IN MY HANDBAG. But the cost does inhibit me from doodling as often as i would in a cheaper sketchbook.

If you have used one yourself, let us know what you think and help others who are thinking about purchasing their first one (:

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