Should I Give Up On My Dreams?

Did you know we tend to be unhappy when our minds are wandering? There are studies about this. Very legit stuff, by people whose job it is to study the human brain.

This scared me a little – since my mind was almost always meandering down its own weird path. It went something like:

Am I really cut out for a creative job ?

Can I still be happy if I didn’t get paid to do art ?

If I find a full time job elsewhere, have I given up ?

When should I give up ?


Sound familiar?

Funnily enough, I recently found myself a job (in a totally unrelated field). I was financially strapped and I needed money, regardless. And I had to put my art on hold.

And ever since, I’ve been stuck in that typical equation of having more financial freedom but less time to do what I actually want to be doing.

Seeking financial stability sometimes comes with a sour connotation that we didn’t love our dream enough to suffer financially for it. And I totally despise that – because most of us agonize over it for ages.

But guess what? It’s rarely actually going to be the one or the other. If you love something enough, it will find its way back into your life, the way it’s slowly doing with mine.

All you need is patience. Because art doesn’t require you to be young nor pretty. As long as your hand still works and your imagination is bubbling away, you can do it until you kick the bucket, theoretically.

So unless you’re putting your pencil down and really calling it quits, don’t give up. Find a job somewhere else if that’s what you have to do for the time being. There are different ways to get to the where you want to be, if you play the long game!

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