Daily Challenge – 2 Weeks In

Hi guys. I’ve decided this daily challenge update is going to be a weekly thing. It’s been a strange gloomy week.

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I think this guy is done. I'm envious of him. He's so peculiar and owns it. Lately I've been haunted by my insecurity that I can't pick up on things that everyone else around me can see instantly. It's easy to feel silly and insufficient. Such a shame though, because I think seeing things differently is supposed to be wonderful. That's how I feel when observing others. Yet to me, it only ever makes me feel small. Why am I unkind to myself? I shouldn't be. You shouldn't be. I'm going to try and stay positive. One day, maybe I will look back in wonderment, how I ever thought this was something to be ashamed of. • • • #art #instaart #artoftheday #doodle #ink #inkdrawing #artistsoninstagram #drawing #draw #artdaily #dailyart

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A lot of artists say they can translate their negative feelings into a creative process and I think a little bit of gloominess has seeped its way into some of my pieces.


The good news is, I’ve been keeping up to date with my daily goal. I’ve yet to miss a day and that’s definitely a cool feeling.


I haven’t posted everything from last week this time. To check out my rest, have a peek at my Instagram.

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